Practice CCM more compliantly and efficiently

Duchess CCM gives you the tools to optimize your practice

Doctors/ Health Systems/ Hospitals

Custom rule creation for specified use cases

Telemedicine for physician and health coach appointments

Automation and reminders for lab orders

Capture data, including structured patient outcomes to measure the program's impact, such as time to service and effectiveness of careAutomated retrieval and analysis of data

Automated alerts, reminders, and results texted to the patient and care team members

Track patient progress and receive automated feedback from to ensure care and services are delivered


Reduce Manual Review

Improve Recovery Rate

Reduce ED and Inpatient Costs

Control Lab and Pharmacy Spending

Data capture on CCM programs effectiveness



Evidence and Condition Based Charting Templates

Work Remotely

Learn New Skills

Health Coaches

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Telemedicine for Physicians, Health Coaching Eliminates Transportion and Time Costs

Virtual Group Education Classes Save Money

Every Dollar Invested in Chronic Disease Treatment Yields An Average Return of $3 to $5 dollars in Lowered Health Costs, Improved Employee Productivity, and Retention

Reports Provide Data on Member's Participation and Program's Effectiveness


Concierge type scheduling and access to 24/7 assistance and support facilitate utilization


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